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How Futura Recordings Focuses on Breaking Out New Artists and Enhancing the Careers Of Established Artists

How Futura Recordings Focuses on Breaking Out New Artists and Enhancing the Careers Of Established Artists

Futura Recordings is an innovative record label which focuses primarily on the next generation of artists. Futura Recordings aims to scout, develop, and sign up Afrobeats, Afro-fusion, Hip hop/rap, Afro-pop and Afro R&B/soul artists based in Sub-Saharan Africa and transform them into future global superstars. The Record label is run by two of the Nigeria music industry’s experienced music executives, Chibuzo Madubuko and Jonah Chukwu Orji. Between them Chibuzo and Jonah have combined expertise across Management, Publishing, Distribution, Marketing and A&R. Interestingly, the record label will be responsible for the Music Production, Licensing Deals, Publishing, and Artist label services of the acts they represent.

According to its founders, Futura Recordings is built on the paramount nature of representation through image and branding. The label’s mission is to create a strong brand visibility and recognition within the Sub-Saharan music scene, and become formidable enough to compete and surpass rival labels in the same region – a brand that will ultimately become a household and industry name, with global repute.

Futura Recordings is home for artists that wants to do things differently“, said Chibuzor Madubuko, co-founder of the label who oversees the A&R and Business Development part of the label explained the label’s business model thus:

“We are not very stringent on the contract length or the number of years we are going to be working with the artists, we look more towards deliverables from the artists. The engagement period begins once deliverables are met either from EPs or Albums. The deliverables differ from artist to artist, so we are not dwelling on anything fixed, and
deliverables also differ with artists and could be determined by their style of music – the deals differ. At the end it comes to determining how many projects we want to have with this particular artist and as soon as the artist has his project done, the engagement is pretty much over. Summarily, we are not engaging artists based on years like the
traditional deal records labels offer.”

Jonah Chukwu Orji, also co-founder of the label whose role is Head of Label Operations and Marketing translates Chibuzor’s use of the word ‘Deliverables’ as ‘Numbers’. On how he would approach things at the label in terms of translating artist’s projects into numbers he says:

“Similar to what Chibuzo said, we read the numbers depending on the artist and what they can offer. For instance, if we engage an artist with an EP project and we put it out, if it’s successful enough we will want to engage with such artist again. If on the other hand the release doesn’t reach its prospected target, We won’t give more years to such artists to be at Futura Recordings. With whichever artist we are working with, we
would work on them based on their projects, testing the waters with the first project and then building from there. We won’t be offering traditional deals in which the contract is determined by a particular number of years. We at Futura are coming with a new perspective on how the industry should be.”

There is no particular yardstick to measure the types of artists Futura Recordings would engage, but Chibuzor gives a broad description of the different worlds of artistry they are looking to explore:

“We are not also engaging artists based on their already existing numbers, no – you don’t have to be a popping artist for us to reach out – it all boils down to the artists and how they fit into what we’re trying to achieve at Futura, and also the potential that exists. An artist may not have massive numbers presently but has a lot of potential and all they need is the visibility or better placements, sometimes it’s even structure – they just need more organization – we can engage with such artists. An artist may be brand new and we will engage them; an artist may also be an underground artist or maybe been in the game for a year or two and is not popping, we will still engage them. It all depends on how they fit with what we’re trying to do and the potential that exists.”

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As is expected with a label like Futura Recordings, upon launching and the beginning of operations, there would be a lookout for talents. Talent discovery according to Chibuzo happens every day. He suggests that there is talent everywhere. He is however of the opinion
that there is a larger pool of talent to be discovered on the internet. Instagram and TikTok are
two major platforms he mentions in terms of places he believes artists put their music/art for
visibility purposes.

“Talent can be discovered anywhere. I’ve met talent in the most random of places; on the streets, at the club, in church, at just random social gatherings where people come around. I’ve also met artists at listening sessions – especially artists that turn up for other artists, funny enough.” He said.

Speaking about the sort of record deals Futura would be offering, Jonah says “At Futura we
are trying to change the game on how record deals are negotiated and create a new ideology on how the ideal music industry should be. That is the reason why my partner chibuzo and i are combining our expertise into achieving this mission and we can’t wait to break new artists and enhance the careers of established artists, together”

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