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Hanna’s 5-track EP “Guilt Free” Showcases The Power Of Community

Hanna’s 5-track EP “Guilt Free” Showcases The Power Of Community

Zimbabwean-Ethiopian lyricist, Hanna, is a trailblazing force in South Africa’s rap revolution who has rapidly been making a name for herself in the SA music scene and beyond by continuously evolving and exploring new genre influences.

Her recently released single Pride was released in March to great success. Pride was chosen as Apple Big 5 tracks of the week on it’s week of release and in a short time, held the #1 position on the 5 nights – Hip-Hop Charts on 5FM.

This 5 track EP Guilt Free follows a journey of pride, affirmation, and self-love through a series of genre defying powerful records.

About the EP Hanna shares: “The Guilt Free EP began as a nod to my graduation and the freedom to wholeheartedly pursue my dreams thereafter, but later evolved into an exploration of self-love and the guilt of self-preservation. It’s a diverse collection of sounds with influences ranging from pop to R&B to trap and even gospel, maintaining strong hip hop roots with powerfully relatable lyrics. It’s a feel-good project which will leave you feeling refreshed, triumphant, validated, and rooting for yourself more than you were before.”

She adds: “The writing on this EP spans years, and came to life through one intense week of studio, in which myself, Michael Zietsman and Luc Veermeer worked around the clock to bring all the songs to their full potential. This EP is a testament to the power of community, and the beauty of allowing oneself to create music free from the pressure of genre. I couldn’t be prouder of what we created and everyone who contributed.”

Guilt Free” track by track from Hanna


Props is an upbeat, reflective reminder to always clap for yourself and be proud of each win. With a live band feel, catchy vocals and a powerful feature verse from rapper Nappy Katt, it’s the perfect opener to the Guilt Free EP.

Written by Hanna Kuruneri & Katiso Molefe

Produced by Marcello Haupt & Luc Veermeer

Guilt Free

Guilt Free is an uplifting anthem featuring triumphant horns carrying affirmations on everything from following your dreams to setting boundaries in relationships. I wrote this song after my graduation, relieved to finally be able to pursue music without guilt. It’s a song is full of energy and motivation making it the perfect pick-me-up as the title track of my upcoming EP.

Written by Hanna Kuruneri

Produced by Ackim Sibanda, Nikola Jojevic, Luc Veermeer, Chuene Reshoketjwe Marakalala


Pride lays smooth R&B melodies over an amapiano-coded hip-hop bounce featuring a flute and an old-school rap outro. This relatable but petty open letter to past lovers was inspired by a relationship gone wrong and lays bare the frustration of being taken for granted. It paints pride not as a taboo trait to be avoided, but rather as a marker of self-respect and a protector against heartache and humiliation.

Written by Hanna Kuruneri

Produced by Cedric Chang Granger & Luc Veermeer

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This coming of age fusion record simultaneously encapsulates Cape Town night life and the real pressures of growing up. With bouncing claps and trap style hi-hats, Metropolis is a melodic escapist anthem.

Written by Hanna Kuruneri, Mutsa Mungoshi & Michael Zietsman

Produced by Cedric Chang Granger and Luc Veermeer

All I Need

All I Need is a heartfelt note of appreciation with a powerful twist. Laid over church-like vocals it has a familiar gospel feel with a strong bassline and trap-style drums. This moving piece is the perfect way to close out my EP and will keep you guessing until the very end.

Written by Hanna Kuruneri

Produced by Marcello Haupt and Luc Veermeer


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