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Good Things Take Time: A Multidimensional Showcase From Young Nigerian Artists

Good Things Take Time: A Multidimensional Showcase From Young Nigerian Artists

Nigeria’s creative economy continues to expand, ranking among the largest on the African continent. In this digital era, various forms of artistic expression, from filmmaking to creative arts, are being taken over by young people.

There is a crucial need for platforms that not only showcase but also celebrate these talents. Regrettably, many artists lack access to such platforms, hindering their ability to connect with audiences or secure investment for their work.

Art Roost Gallery is dedicated to nurturing emerging talent by bridging the gap between local artists and their potential audience through provision of resources and opportunities to exhibit their creation.

For its fourth exhibition, the organizers—Dara Shonubi, Mahmud Alabi, Chino Okafor, and Tochukwu Ugah—crafted the theme “Good Things Take Time.” This theme serves as a reflection on the beauty inherent in patience and perseverance.

In essence, this exhibition stands as a testament to the resilient spirit of young creatives, especially those belonging to Generation Z, who are not only shaping but also sustaining Nigeria’s vibrant art landscape through innovative expressions.

Exhibiting Artists were able to capture the “Good Things Take Time” theme through their showcase;

Soraya Koshoni, with her collection of Polaroid photographs spanning over a decade, displayed a visual diary that expressed the essence of personal growth, reminding guests of the subtle changes that shape our identities over time.

Similarly, Visual Artist Osima, utilizing the hourglass as a symbolic motif, explored the concept of personal development and growth. Her pieces served as mirrors reflecting the evolution of the self.

Abel Akpa’s photography series demonstrated the spectrum of emotions involved in creative labor, portraying the journey of a creator in their element. These emotions are just as important as the final product.

Ogaga Asamaige’s photo story discussed themes of love, loss, and healing from a personal experience, showing how being vulnerable produces everything good.

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For Balfaama her pieces were symbolic to how something ugly can become beautiful.

Complementing the visual narrative of exhibiting artists was a kinetic interactive presentation by Femi Fala.

About Art Roost Gallery

Founded in Lagos, Nigeria circa 2021 by Tochukwu Ugah, Dara Shonubi, Chino Okafor and Mahmud Alabi. Four friends of similar disciplines stemming from design, architecture and real estate to art and fashion. Their appreciation for art & culture is quite unique as a result of the society they exist in, which favors other creative expressions such as music and film.

Art roost literally means an art nest. The gallery serves as a nest for nurturing young contemporary artists while connecting to young art collectors and fostering an art community amongst youths in Nigeria. For more information visit

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