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Ghanaian Musician, Lirase Seeks To Change Ideologies With “The Dawn”

Ghanaian Musician, Lirase Seeks To Change Ideologies With “The Dawn”

Lirase is a man on a mission; to illuminate the minds and souls of people. He does this through his music, which expresses his feelings, experiences and intuition. For his first task, the free-spirited singer released The Dawn, signifying his new journey as an artist.

The four-track EP is centred on breaking out old patterns on an individual and collective scale and evolving towards a state of more love and awareness in one’s actions and decisions. Released on August 19, it highlights themes such as questioning reality, finding peace in the unknown, defining one’s fate and working hard to actualise one’s dreams.

With songs like “Dark Ages,” “Don’t Know,” “Grinding,” and “Decide Your Fate,” the Ghanaian artist hopes to inspire the freedom of self-expression in the listener and influence the collective consciousness positively.

Lirase’s passion for experimenting with sounds is evident in The Dawn, with a fusion of reggae, hip-hop, pop and afrobeats. The first singles, “Dark Ages” and “Don’t Know,” are a flawless blend of R&B, new wave synths with dream pop guitars, with the latter including elements of drums and fuzz rock ambience. For the new singles, “Grinding” and “Decide Your Fate,” Lirase opts for more upbeat tunes, infusing reggae and pop.

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Speaking about the EP, Lirase said, “This project has been years in the making, and it feels so great to finally share this with all of you. It officially marks the beginning of a journey that was started as far as my memory stretches and will outlast my current form. To everyone who has believed and grown with me, I deeply appreciate you and you already know where we are heading.”

Listen to Lirase’s “The Dawn” E.P. Here

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