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Garey Godson – Biography

Garey Godson – Biography

Garey Godson

Born: Gare Anighoro

Nationality: Nigerian

Other Names: GG

Occupations: Singer . Songwriter . Executive .

Years Active: 2015 – present

Genres: Afropop . Alternative . Afro-Soul

Profiles: Apple Music . Spotify . Audiomack . Instagram . Twitter

Garey Godson’s career in music started with production. Prior to releasing music for himself, Garey was writing and producing for local artists when he stayed in Warri, a city in Southern Nigeria. This was also the case during his university days in Osun and Lagos States, Nigeria. 

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His professional music career started officially in 2015 when he moved to Germany. That was when he decided to start recording himself and pushing his own music as an artist. Garey started making music at the time because it became difficult for him to stay very much in touch with Nigerian artistes he was producing for.  It was also very difficult for him to pitch his works to Nigerian platforms he had built relationships with prior to his migration, considering the distance, so he started producing and recording himself, writing his own music, and trying to learn about the music industry in Germany, using himself as a case study.

At the time when he had  just arrived in Germany, he met a German producer named HKMK whom he helped develop his skill in sound production. They built a really solid relationship based on music. Later on, Garey Godson went on to co-found a “music house” called the Room Of Understanding which functions as a label, co-founding it with HKMK. They started working with local artists by getting them on the label and helping them with production. Just around that period, Garey Godson did an internship with Universal Music Berlin.

Presently, Garey Godson has 5 Projects out, including 3 albums and two EPs: Gift Plus Grind (2018), The Lift Off (2018), Still I Rise (2020), Lucid Thoughts (2021), and most recently, Last Songs About You (2022). He is known as a frequent collaborator with Nigerian artist Ebube Onoh.

Garey Godson’s Hadiza was one of the songs included in Drummr Africa’s pan-African music album, Yamen Yamen.

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