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Ganiyu Is All About Growth In “Till I Go”

Ganiyu Is All About Growth In “Till I Go”

Alternative Hip-Hop star on the rise Ganiyu is back with a new track, “Till I Go”. It features vocals from Qwestman and is also produced by Ganiyu.

Despite its upbeat drums, “Till I Go” is a song about the need to feel comfortable in your space in order to grow. With lines like “You say stop I say go / Break the rules till I grow” from Ganiyu and “Everyday I’m just out zoning / Mama Saturn will you keep me company” from Qwestman; even the spacey sounding melodies in the instrumental come together to give the track a quite anthemic sound.

Since the release of his debut EP, YO! last year, Ganiyu’s social media pages have been a bit inactive which he addresses, “Better that I keep my silence, no disturbance, none of that small talk”. He also talks about a project in the works “Trying to do the best on my project / Skipping all the sound checks, skipping all the all that”.

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Listen to Ganiyu’s “Till I Go” Here

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