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Fast-Rising Trap visionary, Eriq, Shares Magnetic New Single “Smash Off’

Fast-Rising Trap visionary, Eriq, Shares Magnetic New Single “Smash Off’

One of the most dynamic and exciting new voices driving the Nigerian trap music scene, Eriq premieres his new single “Smash Off” — go HERE to stream. This dynamic track produced by Sachy, serves as the latest offering from the talented artist, following the success of his recent 6-track EP, ‘Rockstar Never Dies,’ which made waves earlier this year.

 “Smash off” showcases Eriq’s boundary-pushing artistry, razor-sharp lyrical skills, and wildly original yet expertly crafted sound. Delving deep into his subconscious, the young singer/songwriter takes listeners on an introspective journey, exploring themes of self-awareness, sexuality, and the enigmatic allure of a rockstar, all through a refreshingly unique lens.

Eriq’s remarkable talent lies in his innate ability to infuse his music with an effortless confidence that immediately captivates listeners. This distinct characteristic has become synonymous with his artistry and continues to shine through in his latest single, “Smash Off.” With each lyric and every beat, Eriq exudes an undeniable magnetic energy that draws you in, leaving you yearning for more. His fearlessness in exploring new sonic territories and pushing the boundaries of his sound showcases his unwavering self-assurance.


Since his explosive debut single “Bad Man” in 2019, Eriq has been on an upward ascent, gaining momentum and earning well-deserved recognition. The release of the collaborative album ‘Stars,’ a 14-track project featuring rapper JayPoppin, further solidified his presence in the music industry. Eriq’s standout performance on the album propelled him into the spotlight and sparked widespread excitement. Building on his success, he continued to captivate audiences with the release of his EP ‘Coldest’ last year, followed by the powerful ‘Rockstar Never Dies’ earlier this year.

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Eriq’s rise to prominence has been accompanied by critical acclaim from respected outlets like UK’s HUNGER Magazine and The Guardian, affirming his status as an artist worth paying attention to. Throughout his musical journey, Eriq has masterfully balanced fluidity and authenticity, effortlessly manoeuvring between vibrant productions and a genre-defying sound. With every release, including his latest single “Smash Off,” he exhibits a remarkable evolution that courses through his veins, cementing his position as a burgeoning star poised for greatness. His ability to push boundaries and embrace eccentricity continues to set him apart, ensuring that his trajectory in the music industry remains one to watch closely.

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