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#001/22: C Natty

#001/22: C Natty

C Natty has always had an aura of cadence which I have associated with him since the very first time we met. His confidence can be felt from his looks to the way he carries himself. I think he has that superstar quality about him. C Natty was raised in Lagos but has someplace in Imo State as his hometown. Whenever I ask him when his love for music started, he always says that it began as far back as he can remember.

In 2020, C Natty released his debut single which he titled Ojah. The release of the single had a dance challenge to go with it and he went viral on Triller and Instagram. His song has over 5 million cumulative streams and still counting. As a testament to his multifaceted talent and depth as an artist, he also lent his voice to the #ENDSARS protests by releasing a song highlighting the realities that the Nigerian youth face with Police brutality.

The lyrics for his latest release ,“Pure Addiction” are beguiling and tempting. As the song title clearly says, he’s on the scene to get his listeners addicted to his vibe as presented in the single. The mellow sounding drum beat and soft harmonies blended from various digitally played instruments are sure to draw his listeners in. A short period after his release, he follows the single up with a music video to portray his story visually.

I met with C Natty and we had a chat.

So, let’s start at the beginning, when did you first discover music?

I got into music when I was a kid. I’d always wanted to do music as a child and my love for it started when we got this sound system at home. And I can say that that was how this journey started.

Wow, that’s really cool. Having that kind of clarity from such a young age. Let’s talk about your inspiration and influences?

I would say that my first inspiration was from my mom. She used to be in the choir and her love for it started from that point.

After that, I would say 2Face and Bob Marley are my biggest influences. Growing up, I had a neighbour who would blast these two guys and their music really drew me in and inspired me. And before I knew it, I started writing for myself and my friends and started doing covers and stuff.

I even started a band in 2009/2010, with some friends but we eventually parted ways I still decided to pursue a career in music.

How was it joining Empawa?

As a free-spirited person who has a passion for music, I just knew that I was born to create music and winning the Empawa grant gave me the assurance and opportunity to chase that dream. I’ve been on a learning curve since joining.

I’ve sharpened and honed my skills and can proudly say that I’m a much more refined artist from the point that I won the grant to now. And of course, I’m always still learning. 

Your first single, “Ojah” how was the learning experience for you?

It was actually great. Since it was my first official single, I didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t expect was the reception from the listeners. On the drop date I was so tense because it was my first drop and at the time, the vibe and type of music were way different from what Ojah sounded like. So of course, I was super tense.

How was the reception to the release?

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The reception to the song was absolutely amazing. With over 5 million cumulative streams I would say that that’s my breakthrough hit. It was a massive confidence booster for me and also sort of let me know that I am on the right path.

Let’s talk about your new release, “Pure Addiction

So far, it’s been amazing. Industry feedback and prerelease were very encouraging. I wanted to give R&B vibes on an afrobeat beat and also show a different side of myself to my listeners. I really wanted to let my fans and listeners see a different side of C Natty.

What artist would you love to collaborate with on your upcoming releases?

I’ll love to work with Burna boy, Kizz Daniel, Lewis Capaldi, Justin Bieber, and Wizkid. I’ve actually been on a song with Wizkid, but the project didn’t drop so I’d love to work with him again. To be honest, I have a whole list of artists I’d love to work with but those are at the top of my list

What can we expect from C Natty next?

Everything CNatty. We have singles, and videos and I‘m also finalizing my project. Basically, there’s no part of me that I want to hide from my fans. And I’m definitely ready to be and stay in the limelight

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