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Discover ‘Gbedu’ by Vector: A Song to Lift Your Spirits

Discover ‘Gbedu’ by Vector: A Song to Lift Your Spirits


Multi-award-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter Vector returns with a vibrant groove in his latest single, “Gbedu.” This track is not just music; it’s a celebration of the cherished moments and unforgettable dances that have united us over the years.


“Gbedu” is a fusion of House music, Yoruba, English, and Nigerian Pidgin English, designed to evoke nostalgia and happiness in every listener. Vector’s cadence offers a comforting embrace of the familiar and a refreshing splash of innovation.

As a creative powerhouse, Vector’s talents extend beyond music. He’s not only a musician but also the creative director and class master for Hennessy VS Class Nigeria since 2016. With four studio albums, four mixtapes, and two EPs under his belt, he’s showcased his versatility to his craft.

Vector’s influence isn’t confined to music. He recently launched Lafiaji Radio, a captivating podcast channel available on CoolFM and YouTube. Through this platform, he challenges societal norms, sparks conversations about African history and practices, and ignites a reawakening of the African psyche.

In these uncertain times, “Gbedu” serves as a vibrant reminder that the party never truly stops. It’s a compelling call to embrace the dance instinct within us, a reminder that the best moments are yet to come.

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