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Cultural Force Radar X Unleashes Afro-Futuristic Single “Pretty Babes”

Cultural Force Radar X Unleashes Afro-Futuristic Single “Pretty Babes”

Radar X, a genre-defying cultural force, releases his latest single, “Pretty Babes,” through Futura Recordings/Go Far Records. This afrobeats crossover aims to challenge the established norms, serving as a creative blend that seamlessly merges various styles into a pinnacle of innovation. The track is an unapologetically diverse showcase, highlighting Radar X’s dedication to constructing an ‘Afrofuturistic universe’ that pushes the boundaries of his creativity. Serving as a true testament to Radar X’s dedication to exploring the vast expanse of his artistic capabilities, “Pretty Babes” provides a tantalising glimpse into his debut EP, THE VYBE MAGIXIAN, solidifying his reputation as a pioneering talent with a uniquely impactful body of work.

“Pretty Babes” is dedicated to exalting and honouring women of diverse backgrounds. Radar X assumes the mantle of a charismatic hero, rescuing “Pretty Babes” from negative influences and bolstering their self-assurance. Beyond its rhythmic allure, the song possesses an enchanting charisma, complemented by a visual narrative that explores self-discovery and empowerment. The song transcends the realm of mere dance music, evolving into a movement that encourages embracing one’s identity—a jubilation of beauty, resilience, and the boundless potential inherent in every woman. Radar X seamlessly blends the carefree exuberance of 2000s nostalgia with the unapologetically bold essence of contemporary music, demonstrating an innate talent for creating globally resonant pop anthems while retaining his uniquely charming style.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the track, Radar X said; “‘Pretty Babes,’ the first single of the project, was inspired by Lauryn Hill. She had a powerful message in her songs, encouraging women to be themselves and not conform to societal expectations. Pretty Babes talks about how women should feel confident and not be let down. The lyrics express the idea that women are beautiful just the way they are.”

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