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Citizen of the world: King Perryy shows us music beyond borders

Citizen of the world: King Perryy shows us music beyond borders

Following the massive reception that Man of the World and YKTFV received, it’s clear to see that King Perryy sees the world as his oyster. The DM records signee clearly illustrates when talent and dedication meet opportunity. The 26-year-old clearly shows that he is prepared to take the world at her helm and ride its glorious wave.

In speaking with the multi-dimensional artist, it’s clear that his passion for music that had been ignited at a very young age has been consistently channeling that passion to building the foundation of what is his career so far today. After putting in the work, and his stars aligned, by some predestined connotation, he met with Osagie who is Timaya’s manager and was already a fan of his work and she set up the meeting that would inadvertently change the course of his life and jumpstart his music career.

With over 40 million streams across digital streaming platforms, it’s apparent that this budding superstar is here to stay and experiment with different sounds and deliver; which so far, he’s proven himself. In speaking with the artist, he tells a story about himself and his journey to self-discovery as an artist. It’s a story that belies his dedication to his craft and his aspirations for the future. As his album receives its
finishing touches prior to its imminent release, this rising Afro-fusion star is ready to properly introduce himself to the world and we decided to help him share his story with the world.

Our rep met and had a conversation with the artiste – that conversation turned out into the interview below.

King Perryy, Photographed by Maj Delz

Can you tell me what inspired your passion to make music?

I found the love for making music when I was in the choir in seminary school. I realized that I had the vibe to make music. I used to vibe with things happening around me and create music with what I was experiencing and feeling and from that point, I started to rap and make music. I also learnt how to produce music and that has been my passion since then. I like to make music based on how I’m feeling, the things happening around me and my life experiences.

Wow, that’s profound. Now that you are deep into making music, how would you describe the music you typically create?

I can say that it’s a continental sound which is me saying no boundaries to my music. The continental sound is, I would say Afro-fusion. I try to relate to the continental audience, so even though my main influences are predominantly dancehall and Afro-fusion, I will regard it as a continental sound.

Hmmm.. I think it’s safe to say that your career took a new turn when you got signed. How did you get discovered and signed by Timaya?

When I was in school, I used to leave school and come and squat with my friends to pursue my career in Lagos. So, this particular week, I had exams on Wednesday and I had to leave school the day before and came to Lagos to perform at Basement gig. I remember performing and meeting Osagie afterwards. She saw me perform and said she was a big fan and we discussed. I went back to school for my exams but she immediately turned around and spoke to Timaya about me. He went to my Instagram page and we had a discussion about me joining him for a meeting and he stressed the importance of being on time. I automatically assumed that someone set up the meeting and I got there and met Timaya himself. I was floored but I played some of my music and that’s how we started. The next day I got signed and our business relationship began.

King Perryy, Photographed by Maj Delz

Wow! Talk of fate’s machinery at play! Now, music is digitalized all over the world, How do you think the entry of Digital streaming platforms in the Nigerian music space are changing the way music is received and most especially, how it’s going to affect your career?

Music is a universal language so any means that music will be shared or transmitted to people is a very good thing. You can imagine in past years we didn’t have access to this kind of platform so for me, this signifies growth. It allows anybody with a smartphone have access to all kinds of music. For me though, because my highest streams had been from out of Nigeria so it had always been a good thing for me.
Nigeria is actually not in my top 3 streaming countries. So, it’s awesome that now Nigerian’s can have access too.

Speaking of accessing music, What famous musicians do you look up to and would like to have access to in order to work with them?

Right now, I admire Burna boy, Sauti Sol, Chronixx, there’s a lot of people, a lot of artists in Africa and globally making awesome music that I’d love to work with.

And with your journey so far If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

Like I said previously, having access to the music is the most important thing and we can already see the growth in that aspect. Also, how artists make money from music in Nigeria and also how people can make the type of music they want to. Not everyone always either having to “conform” to the current reigning sound or not getting mainstream recognition. And it’s happening right now; people are jamming to Tems, people are listening to me, people are listening to Omah Lay, Ajebo Hustlers, Oxlade
and a whole lot of other people so, it’s changing already.

That’s so true. Amongst all your released records, what is your current favorite song to perform?

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My favorite song to perform right now is YKTFV (You know the f*cking vibes) because of the energy it comes with and the way my fans react to that energy.

King Perryy, Photographed by Maj Delz

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?

Outside music, I love to connect with people from different parts of the world. It helps me develop myself as a citizen of the world in the true sense of that statement. It is business, it is me experiencing different things that makes me a citizen of the world. It’s not just a “music” mentality, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Hmm, so profound. So, what’s next for King Perryy? What should your fans be looking forward to in the coming times?

My ALBUM! My album, Citizen of the world is dropping very soon so that’s what’s next for me and kind of like, solidifying my identity as a real COTW.

We look forward to all that King Perryy has in store for us. You can also keep in touch by following him on social media.

All images in this article were photographed by Maj Delz and styled by Victor Nja

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