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Catch up with the only human Jellyfish you know, Sir Bastien!

Catch up with the only human Jellyfish you know, Sir Bastien!

Sir Bastien’s art involves strong usage of electric guitars and soothing synths with edgy yet relaxed sonics to evoke feelings of chilled ecstasy from his audience. We catch up with the phenomenal producer, singer & songwriter on his personal life, artistry and growth journey.

Welcome Sir Bastien, how’re you feeling tonight?

Sir Bastien: I’m feeling super great! Currently by a lakeeee

Amazing! What’s the weather like?

Honestly, the weather is not great! It’s so hot I can’t believe I ever fall asleep

Hopefully that changes soon with the rain. Can you tell us the story behind your moniker, “Sir Bastien”?

My name is Sebastien. So I just went with a little lady donli esque move.

Oooh! smart! As a multi-faceted creative Sir Bastien, you’re known to be an amazing producer and sensational artiste. Tell us, were you first a producer or an artiste?  

I was a producer first. I used to make beats in secondary school as a joke. But it grew into something more. Music expression was a ton better than art (since I was painting at the time).

So, you’ve also been creating through painting visual art in the past?

Yes! I started painting when I was a youngin’. It was my dream to be a working class artist.

Some dreams we don’t get to realise I guess… Talking about making music since secondary secondary and growing up, how has your upbringing influenced your art?

My parents listen to a ton of music. I grew up on Wyclefs “the Ecleftic” and The Police’s greatest hits compilation album. They always played the best jams. So I guess I make the best jams. 

You’ve recently begun to call yourself a ‘Jellyfish’ and we believe there’s a deep meaning to it beyond the surface. Please tell us what it really means..

Find out soon! All will be revealed shortly.

Still on the subject of things coming soon, we are aware that you’re currently working on your project, can you give us some insights into what we should expect?

Expect the world and more! It’s dubbed Afro Dream Pop. Very wistful but also very grounded and dancyyyy.

Hehe, can’t wait to get new dancing shoes then! As a really dynamic producer, we’ve seen you create a lot of beats out of basic sounds from very unusual sources. How do you get these ideas and how do channel them into music?

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There are a ton of influences of mine that do this exact thing. I like to make mine grounded in the sense that I’m doing things in my house in Ibadan. I think it’s important for all creatives to work with the things and spaces that they have before looking for bigger things.

As it is our culture on MaxChat, we’d like you to tell us three things about you a lot of people don’t know Sir Bastien?

One, I have a brown belt in WT Taekwondo. Two, I can be kidnapped by a truck that sells Amala and Abula. Three, I haven’t seen Titanic.

Now I feel like you’re never going to see Titanic so it remains a weird fact lol. I’m certain that you’ve worked with a lot of Artistes over the years. But then, what will you consider your dream collaboration?


That was unexpected, but shows just how unique your taste is. Thank you so much for joining us Sir Bastien, it’s been an interesting conversation.

Thank you guys so much! Your questions were wonderful! I had a great time!!


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