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Catch Up With TariQ, NuTrybe Record’s Novel Artiste

Catch Up With TariQ, NuTrybe Record’s Novel Artiste


Having undergone training in the last year under Chocolate City Music’s new training academy NuTrybe Records, TariQ (born Tariq Oluokun) recently announced his entry into the Nigerian music scene with his meticulously named EP, Son Of The Moon (S.O.T.M).

In this project, he sings about all things from love, unrequited feelings, and even self-confidence with two tracks in focus- BAD INTENTIONS and SIGNAL. Both tracks depict the artist’s desire to find love; pure, faultless, and reciprocity.

Tonight, TariQ will be speaking to us on his background, artistry, and journey into the music scene.

Welcome to #MaxChat!

Q: Welcome to MaxChat Tariq, How’re you feeling tonight?

TariQ: Hey! I feel real good. Been eating a lot today, just crossed a million streams so yeah, I’m pretty calm.

Q: Congratulations on hitting a millions streams on your debut E.P. Tell us, how does it feel like to see people connect with, enjoy and support your first release this much? Did you anticipate this much love when it all started?

TariQ: I mean, yeah to be honest it feels real good you know. More importantly, because SOTM is completely about Tariq and everything going on in my headspace, so yeah it feels good.

Q: It must really feel good. For a lot of people who don’t know your story, how would you describe your journey with music thus far?

TariQ: A lot of big steps from just writing songs to making freestyles every weekend, then to performing at open gigs around Nigeria to here. So yeah it took a lot of big steps.

Q: Tell us, what inspired the theme behind your Son Of The Moon E.P. Why that title? Also what does the Moon sign mean to you and your art?

TariQ: Two reasons. 1) Because I had a lot of dark feelings around the time I was making the E.P. 2) I really love to record at midnight. The moon really signifies me shining in the midst of a lot of uncertainties and issues that pretty cloud my headspace right now.

Q: What was going on in your life during the creation of Son Of The Moon? The sounds on the project are so emotionally rich and captivating. How did your state of mind at that point influence the direction of the project?

TariQ: For me like Music has always been all about how I feel at that moment. In my headspace there is so much you know, emotional uncertainties that I have to like figure out yeah, and that’s pretty much what SOTM is all about.

Q: We’re curious as to what it is about ‘Bad Intentions’ that made it the ideal focus track on the project?

TariQ: I think to be honest any song right now would easily be the focus track, but Bad Intentions just feels like the middle reach yeah, plus the name of the song.

Q: Interesting. On the subject of love, it’ll be great to get your thoughts on what love means to you and your art? Since we know you’ve received counsel from & also collaborated with BlaqBonez on the project.

TariQ: Hahaha! I think Love for me is best shown and felt, less of what’s being said. I think my art is in tune with how I feel and that’s the best part.

Q: Alright! So having undergone training in the last year under Chocolate City Music’s new imprint academy NuTrybe Records, how would you say your craft has been refined since you joined?

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TariQ: I think it’s like cleaning up a diamond in the rough. Pretty much.

Q: Tell us three things about you that a lot of people don’t know?

TariQ: 1) I’m an Introvert. 2) I probably eat too much. 3) If I’m not making music, I’m only watching movies or playing soccer.

Q: Finally TariQ, throughout the rollout of your project, you & your team have created a world that listeners can become lost in & I’m sure your fans are super appreciative of that. As you hit a Million Streams, what other plans do you have in store for them?

TariQ: So much, sooo much. I want to show people how I see music, connect with their feelings and then every other thing would fall in line.

Q: Thank you so much for finding time to connect with us tonight on MaxChat, TariQ. We wish you the best in your future musical endeavors as we keep streaming Son Of The Moon E.P on all DSPs. Have a lovely night!

TariQ: Thank you.

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