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Catch Up with NOON DAVE, Chocolate City Music Newly Signed Artist

Catch Up with NOON DAVE, Chocolate City Music Newly Signed Artist

This year, Noon Dave signed a Recording Artist Agreement with Nigeria’s foremost entertainment company, Chocolate City Music under which he’s released his first single, a soothing melodic tune titled ‘Brunch’ which has been buzzing on radio airwaves and trending on social media spaces across the country. Noon’s approach to music is one that promises to keep him relevant in the music scene for a long time. Therefore that is why you need to Catch Up with NOON DAVE, Chocolate City Music Newly Signed Artist

We catch up with him and he converses with us about his life, artistry and journey into the industry.

MAXCHAT WITH NOON DAVE: signed  Chocolate City

Welcome to MaxChat, Noon Dave. How are you feeling tonight?

I’m feeling good.

Feels good to have you join us tonight! Tell us Noon, being a new member of the prestigious Chocolate City Music family, how has your reception and experience been so far?

The reception has been really good. I love the energy, it’s welcoming, working with a wonderful team in the label has been great so far.

That’s amazing. Now, as a part of one of the top labels in Nigeria that have housed a plethora of successful artists like MI Abaga, Ice Prince, Dice Ailes, Brymo, Ckay, BlaqBonez amongst many others, you’re definitely open to big opportunities and possibilities.

However, do you ever feel under pressure to deliver greatly?

I feel the pressure a little, I can’t lie, but I’d still deliver under pressure, I can handle the pressure.

You definitely can. Moving on, tell us about your music. How would you describe it to people who are listening to you for the first time – your sound, the mood/tone, the lyrical preoccupations? Who is Noon Dave, the artiste?

I make music that people can relate to lyrically, and I’m versatile. I am not restricted to one genre of music, I fuse genres like trap, alternative RnB, pop, soul, and dancehall with afrobeat. Plus I also make conscious music. So I’m kinda like a conscious loverboy.

Wow. That’s a lot of fusions and great versatility. So you’re a loverboy and not a player. Interesting. Where did the name ‘Noon Dave’ come from?

You know time is a universal currency and when it’s noontime, both hands on a wall clock align, pointing directly at 12. That to me shows that things will always align for me one way or another. This is why I chose to use Noon as my stage name plus David is my biological name, so Noon Dave.

Wow. That’s deep. So at what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be an artist? Was there a specific moment or event while growing up?

To be honest I can’t say it was this or that particular year I decided to become an artist but I think it was in secondary school.

Wow. That’s a long way back. Now let’s talk about your single ‘Brunch’. It’s been receiving amazing reception on-air and online. Is this what you expected of the single or do you feel it could do better?

It’s been doing good so far, but I still expect more, I know it will do better. 

Yes, there’s so much more to achieve. Now, walk us through the creative process for ‘Brunch’. How did the song idea come?

Okay, so I heard a Saint John’s song titled RANSOM, and I really liked the beat, so I felt I could do something with a similar instrumental. So I thought about the phrase “weather for two” and the first line of the hook “ Shey you no dey see the weather “ came to mind and that’s how I wrote Brunch.

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MAXCHAT WITH NOON DAVE: signed  Chocolate City
MAXCHAT WITH NOON DAVE: signed Chocolate City

And you created it perfectly. Now here’s one question we like to ask every guest, tell us three things about you a lot of people don’t know?

(still live Catch Up NOON DAVE)

I’m an only child. I dance (krump/pop animation) and I play the guitar.

I think a lot of people can tell you play the guitar from your video with Blaqbonez, Haha! As you start this journey Noon, tell us your top five artists you would like to collaborate with in the coming future?

Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Burna boy, H.E.R, and SZA.

A heavy list. Love it. Finally, Noon, tell us what’s on the horizon? Do you have other singles ready, an album or E.P coming soon? What should we expect?

Yeah, I have an E.P coming out this year and it’s called “BRUNCH AT NOON” also brunch video will be out soon too.

Amazing news. We will be looking forward to that! Thank you so much for joining us tonight on MaxChat, Noon Dave. We appreciate you and Chocolate City Music for giving us this time to connect and have this really interesting conversation. We wish you the best in your future musical endeavours. Maintain a lovely night.

I just hope you find this article sweet enough- Catch Up with NOON DAVE, Chocolate City Music Newly Signed Artist next time on Drummr…

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