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Catch Up With Jake Millz, Afrosoul And RnB Artiste

Catch Up With Jake Millz, Afrosoul And RnB Artiste

Favor Jacob Daniel also known as Jake Millz was born in Bayelsa State, Nigeria; a small but yet very vibrant town of nightlife lovers. Jake Millz promises to join the ever growing list of Afrobeats superstars out of the south side. Jake Millz harnesses the act of sweet melodious tunes and backups through exciting ‘rnb’ rhythm and melodies, he’s versatile as he sings both ‘RnB’, Pop, Afrobeats and soul music.

Tonight, Jake Millz will be speaking to us on his background, artistry and journey into the music scene.

Jake Millz

Welcome to #MaxChat!

Q: Welcome to MaxChat Jake Millz, Feels good to have you join us! How’re you feeling tonight?

Jake Millz: I’m doing well. Good evening. I’m glad to be here.

Q: Starting off tell us, what was growing up with musical ambitions in Bayelsa like for you?

Jake Millz: Well I’d say that music in the southern parts of Nigeria like Bayelsa has always been part of the culture. So I’ve always found myself in the presence of good music growing up and I always had the hunger to make Bayelsa a part of the bigger industry.

Q: Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “this is what I want to do” and chose to follow this musical path? How did it happen?

Jake Millz: Yes I have had several encounters while doing freestyles with a couple friends in school where the vibes would get so heated, everyone with different melodies and soul and I knew this was what I wanted. Basically I fell so deep in love with music without even knowing it.

Q: Tell us about your single “Ogede”, the composition and writing process. How did the song come together?

Jake Millz: “Ogede” was recorded in Accra, Ghana by a producer friend of ours Kizzybeat. The song was a two day take, on our very first link up he played two beats for me I was captivated by the second one that birth the record.

Q: It’s a lovely tune! What inspired the record? Where was your imaginative state at when creating “Ogede” and what story were you telling with it?

Jake Millz: It was inspired by an unforgettable experience with an old lover of mine, “Ogede” the song simply talks about how deeply intimate we were during our time together and how amazing her physique was.

Q: Now, we know you put out a lot of freestyles on Instagram. Do you have a process for writing music or do you write when inspiration strikes?

Jake Millz: I don’t rush the music, I have to get into a certain place of hurt, love, past traumas and all that. Basically making music comes with a mood for me.

Q: Interesting. Tell us three things that a lot of people don’t know about you?

Jake Millz: Okay. 1. I’m an introvert. 2. I’m bipolar. 3. I enjoy cooking.

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Q: Wow! who are your top three favourite music composers at the moment?

Jake Millz: My top 3 composers right now are Wandecoal, Partnextdoor and Bryson tiller.

Q: Finally, as we keep streaming “Ogede”, what other plans do you have in store for your fans in the coming days?

Jake Millz: I do have a couple of projects coming out soon so y’all sit tight cuz it’s going to be sound and life changing.

Q: Thank you so much for finding time to connect with us tonight on MaxChat, Jake Millz. We wish you the best in your future musical endeavors as we keep streaming Ogede on all platforms.

Have a lovely night!

Jake Millz: Much Love. Goodnight.

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