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Catch Up With Ginius, A British-Ghanaian Musical Genius

Catch Up With Ginius, A British-Ghanaian Musical Genius

Ginius ushers in a new chapter, redefining the now mainstream Afro-Fusion sound with her self-produced 8-track sophomore EP. Apple Music describes her project as “…a joyfully refreshing dose of free-spirited Afrobeats”, Native Mag referred to the project as “…an enthralling tale of good vibes, success, and love”.

On her sophomore release, Her Notions Since ‘97, the British Ghanaian singer-songwriter & music producer curates a vibrant blend of sounds, folding Amapiano, Alte, Highlife and R&B into her free-spirited iteration of Afro-fusion. Tapping rising Ghanaian singer Darkua and talented U.K Afro Swing singer Kvngs to round off the largely self-produced offering.


Tonight, Ginius will be speaking to us on her background, artistry and sophomore project ‘Her Notions Since ‘97’.

Welcome to #MaxChat!

Q: Welcome to MaxChat, Ginius. How are you feeling tonight?

Ginius: Feeling good but low key hungry, haha.

Q: Haha, please eat. It’s about to be a long night. So tell us, how did It all start for you? The music?

Ginius: You lot got all night, haha. Okay, so (1) I messed around with my uncle’s djembe band at a very young age and picked up drumming. (2) Call me a curious cat because as I grew up I wanted to understand how music was made to help me interpret how I feel when I hear music so started learning producing on YouTube. (3) I started learning piano in church as I was already a part of the church band playing congas. (4) I took keys seriously when I moved to the U.K. and (5) Now I produce, sing and write what I love.

Q: You titled your sophomore project ‘Her Notions Since 97’. What inspired this?

Ginius: I was the entertainer in my household while growing up and during Christmas, family gathering and all that. Music has always been a part of me, I even had a singing book I used to write lyrics with. It was only right I reintroduced myself as the young girl who’s been having these ideas since birth!

Q: Can you give us some insight into this project? Walk us through your writing process – were you in a particular place or mood? Who or what was inspiring you musically at that moment?

Ginius: I felt there was a lot of misery in the world. From Covid to the monkey pox to everything on the rise, so I wanted to make something to help people feel good. I based the songs I wrote on 3 things I believe we love – success, love and good vibes. Also definitely I was listening to a lot of AG Baby & Kizz Daniel then.

Q: Tell us, do you have a track or lyric from the project that is particularly personal to you and why?

Ginius: “6 months consistency put you years ahead so focus, believe in yourself my lotus” – from consistency.  I wrote it thinking of the future Ginius, hopefully she looks back and smiles knowing she did it! A reminder for myself, to keep pushing. Also, “Run me that money no lesser than 7 digits” – sometimes you gotta remind yourself of your worth. Sho get!

Q: We definitely get! What was the most gratifying part of putting the EP together for you? Was it one particular song or the whole project – what really fulfilled you while you were putting it together?

Ginius: The amount of people who contributed, supported and BELIEVED in me during the process, especially days when I had doubts about what I was doing. I love what I do but for other people to get it? Yeah that’s the best feeling ever, it makes you feel you doing something right. It’s even better when your project is out and they send you voice notes saying your lyrics back to you!

Q: Being a UK-based artiste that has evolved more into the African sound & heritage. How much does your culture, heritage, and personal experiences influence your music?

Ginius: I probably doubt I would be making music if I wasn’t African. I’m so happy Afrobeats is becoming the new pop. The elements of the music are literally a way of life for us & it’s inherently in me. I don’t think a lot of musicians originally from the west can make afrobeats well, but you see us Africans yeah – everything we touch, Gold!

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Q: Now, tell us three things about you that a lot of people don’t know?

Ginius: Ooh this is tricky. (1) I am NOT a spontaneous person. I am a master planner; it might as well be an itinerary, like I’m super intentional. (2) My friends say if music fails I can be a  comedian. (3) You might beat me for this but I’m both a traditional engineer & sound engineer.

Q: Also, how do you think your music has evolved since you first started?

Ginius: Growth! I’ve lived a bit more so I can talk a bit more about life and where I’m going. I’m sure the music will keep evolving as I go. Don’t sleep on the kid!

Q: Finally, what’s one message you’ll like to pass across to you fans and music lovers with this project? What’s one thing you’d like to say to them?

Ginius: I love when people associate good memories with music, like they heard the tape when they went to their favourite place. It’s nice to be associated with good energy like that, so that’s means everytime they remember that moment I’ll be part of it.

Q: Thank you so much for joining us tonight on #MaxChat, Ginius. We appreciate you for finding time to connect with us. We wish you the best in your future musical endeavors as we keep streaming ‘Her Notions Since 97’ on all DSPs.

Have a lovely night…

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