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Catch Up With Cera, An OAP And Creative Mind

Catch Up With Cera, An OAP And Creative Mind

Sarah Ofonedu AKA Cera is a radio/ TV Presenter, YouTube content creator, Voiceover artiste, Event Host and Actor based in Lagos Nigeria.

Known for her positive energy every time she’s on the microphone, the one half of the radio duo ‘Color Gang’ has always been passionate about African Media,  thereby making her constantly developing her skills as a presenter, voiceover artiste, actor and online content creator with one goal, telling the African story the African way.

In 2020, she had her official radio debut as the host of Max Hits and Max Lounge on 102.3 Max FM, the entertainment hub of the station creating exciting, entertaining content for the pleasure of the listeners.

Tonight, she’ll be speaking to us on her background, craft & journey into media presenting.

Welcome to #MaxChat!

Q: Welcome to MaxChat, Cera. It’s a pleasure to have you join us. How’re you feeling tonight?

Cera: I’m feeling pretty good; pretty chill… How are you?

Q: We’re doing amazing. Glad to have you here. First off tell us, what led you to a career in Broadcasting?

Cera: Hmm what led me into this? Honestly I remember being so young and my teacher always said I’d become a newscaster because of how I used to read poems and stories in class then. I mean it’s nursery school. So, I just became interested in watching the OG’s at the time do their thing. And it just grew over the years. Even though I went through the phase of deceiving myself about becoming a surgeon, I eventually just gave up with the self deceit and focused on the thing I knew I really wanted to do with my life.

Q: That’s really interesting. From your bio, one can deduce that you are a lady of many parts. From Radio/Tv Presenting to YouTube Content Creating, to being a Voice Over Artiste, Event Host and Actor. How do you combine all of these things?

Cera: It doesn’t feel like work. Even with the actor part, I’m just shooting my shot at Nollywood. I feel ready for a feature film, lol. Anyways, back to the question, it really doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy it and I dey find money so the combo makes sense to me.

Q: Now tell us, as a media personnel, what makes a music pitch from an artiste stand out to you? And makes you play them on-air?

Cera: Honestly, for me it’s about the music. I want to hear what you’re talking about, how you’re talking about what you’re talking about. I love to hear unique people, someone who just brings a breath of fresh air. These are the things I consider.

Q: Now presumably, you’re receiving an enormous amount of great music for a limited amount of on-air slots. What factors aside from the music separates the ones that will get media coverage from the ones that don’t?

Cera: Hmm this is an interesting question. Well, firstly, it’s definitely the music. Then of course, what the music is saying, is it relatable enough? Does it make sense? Who is the person behind the music? What are you saying?

Q: Interesting. So what’s your favorite part of being an OAP?

Cera: Talking to the listeners, knowing that someone had a great day because of me. I totally love it.

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Q: That must really feel nice. Tell us three of the most surprising things that have happened to you while you’re on air, both embarrassing and interesting?

Cera: One time I said shit on air, it was so embarrassing. One time I literally choked on my spit mid speech… Wheew!!. Then one time the producer mistakenly didn’t turn down the mic fader completely and I was talking about something implicating. Thankfully, the music overshadowed my voice.

Q: Wow, Alright! So tell us, how do you unwind? What are your favorite hobbies outside radio?

Cera: I like to have a good time. I think I actually enjoy partying wow and I love sleeping too.

Q: Finally, on a parting note, what are your words of inspiration to aspiring OAPs and Content Creators?

Cera: Aspire to Maguire o. Lol, for real I’d just say focus on improving your skills and be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. 

Q: Thank you so much for joining us on MaxChat tonight, Cera. We appreciate you for finding time to connect with us tonight. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Have a lovely night..

Cera: Thank you!!

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