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Carterson Steps Out With ‘Diamonds In Groove’

Carterson Steps Out With ‘Diamonds In Groove’

AFTER a stealthy solo run, fast-rising Nigerian artiste, Carterson, has stepped out with his debut album dubbed, Diamonds In Groove. The 8-track album marks a coming-of-age moment in Carterson’s career, showcasing his lyrical prowess and sonic experimentation.

With songs such as Gum Body, Tete, Jo, Brown Sugar, Sere, among others,
Carterson joins the league of Nigerian musicians with love-themed debuts, as he creates a portrait of love experiences snapped from both personal momentos and observations. On Diamonds In Groove, Carterson also showcases his versatility, exploring diverse genres such as Hip Hop, Amapiano, Afro-pop, among others, to create intriguing sonic fusions.


“Right from when I was a kid, I have always loved music. On my debut album, I’m unleashing versatility on these diverse sounds, from Hip Hop to Afrobeat, to Amapiano,”

Carterson says about the record.

“I titled this album Diamonds In Groove, because all songs on it are everlasting gems, like diamonds, and the groove stands for jolly and merriment. I want listeners to be happy when playing this album. I’m a very versatile artist, and I don’t like being put in a box. I’m always open to trying out new sounds, because I have been making music right from when I was a child.”

For Carterson, it is neither a drive for fame or a lust for cash that gets his vocals in
studio booths; it’s a relentless, sheer love for the music that drives the Afro-fusion enigma into the hallways of fame.

Born Gbubemi Ogholaja, Carterson started gaining cult popularity with the release of his single, “Yur Luv”, in 2020, which has its accompanying visuals directed by TG
Omori. His earlier works including 2019’s “Ubo Meji” and “Like Rihanna”, respectively, have also constellated to create a striking portrait of his potential. Diamonds In Groove is out across streaming services.

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