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Breaking down Zambia’s budding star, Natasha Chansa’s double sided The Genesis EP

Breaking down Zambia’s budding star, Natasha Chansa’s double sided The Genesis EP

The Genesis EP is a body of work that allows for a more solid impression of Zambia’s budding Star Natasha Chansa. So far, Natasha has a number of singles released. The singles have not given a depth of who Natasha Chansa really is. Her undeniable talent and abilities are well known; her debut single ‘Need your fire’ allowed for her to express her vocal ability, her second single ‘Pleiades’ there we heard her rap skills & eloquence.

With the upcoming EP; The Genesis, her story really unfolds. She has shown a few of her abilities, now she wants to explain what really makes her who she is. Because of her versatile abilities, Natasha Chansa has allowed her alter ego to be a separate artist because of the difference in narratives & expressions. She calls her ‘Pro”.

Pro is basically the rap side of Natasha Chansa, therefore, The Genesis EP will be composed of (2) two sides, Side A: Pro & Side B: Natasha Chansa both consisting of (5) five singles each.

The Genesis to Natasha Chansa, is “a project that portrays many beginnings, beginning of her music career, beginning of a new chapter in her personal relationships and growth as an individual as well as an artist”.


‘Pro’ initially was a nickname Natasha Chansa adopted in high school & some people thought it was her actual name. Growing up, Natasha always called herself a Prodigy because of the abilities & skills she possessed at a young age so the name “Pro” derives from “Prodigy”, Natasha said she cut it short because most people couldn’t properly pronounce the full word “prodigy”. The name ‘Pro’ in high school stuck for Natasha because of the many ciphers she rapped at. Professionally, Pro was debuted to the public through her hit single, OMG that features Kunkeyani tha Jedi. She decided to give Pro a spotlight because Pro has a story too, but mixing it with Natasha’s won’t allow for a complete expression. Pro in this EP will expressing the struggle, the pain, the rise & the sacrifices made to get to this current point


Bayete Inkosi

Bayete is the intro song of ‘Pro’ side which is the rap side of the Ep. In this song, Natasha Chansa being an actual daughter of a chief, the princess chants “Bayete Inkosi” which means ‘exalt the king, or salute to the king’, in the beginning of the intro. She then raps about how she needs to get out of her comfort zone and begin to pursue her Music career to full capacity. As well as how determined she is to grow and be the best at it. The song has an orchestral and trap feel.


Disciple is the second song off the rap side of the Ep, it features Slap Dee one of Zambia’s Hip Hop pioneers and biggest rappers currently. On this song, Natasha raps about how she’s not going to conform to what most people tell her she should sound like or what she should be. Being primarily and English speaking and singing artist, Natasha has experienced some backlash from the Zambian industry on her not sounding ‘Zambian’ enough. Towards the end of the song Natasha speaks about people that said she couldn’t be as good and she does it in vernac to prove she’s able to do what most people think she’s unable to. Slap Dee places his verse and cosigns Natasha Chansa.


Jungle is the third song off Pro’s side, this song is a fast pace (pumped) rap song. On this song, Natasha Chansa laces this song with her eloquent flows and lyrics. She raps about this being her beginning and her blooming in her career, she speaks on how she’s no longer holding it back with her rap. She features rapper Church Ulukuta, who happens to be Natasha’s producer.

Nenze lele

Nenze Lele ‘I was Asleep’, the hook on this song is a reprise from Zambian Legendary singer Angela Nyirenda’s Song ‘Chingoma. On this song, Natasha Sings and raps about how she’s been sleeping on herself because of everything told her she couldn’t do and couldn’t be. On this heartfelt song Natasha merges both her singing and rapping beautifully.

They Know ft Cjayy

They Know is the last song on the Pro Side of the EP. on this song, Natasha raps on grime beat and flexes on how now they know she’s amazing and that she’s only beginning. The song features Cjayy one half of rap duo, the FAKE that equally laces the song with amazing bars

“Natasha Chansa”

Natasha in this EP gives a more vivid picture of how much of a lover she is. In this EP she sings about how she meets her lover but it doesn’t have a fairytale ending. Natasha claims she became a better writer when she was inspired by pain, so in this EP, even though she has grown from being that person, a lot of who she is & how she loves is derived from that point in her life, though the songs were written in the course of different relations & experiences. That is her Genesis.


See Also

Poker face

Poker Face is the first song on the Singing Side of the Ep. On this song Natasha sings about an unrequited love and trying to convince the other party asking the other party to open up and that she will show the person a different kind of love. Natasha subtly shows off her rapping on the song on the second verse.

Show Me ft Darrel

Show me is the second song on the singing side of the EP, Show me is cute duet love song that has Natasha confessing she’s never fallen for someone like this before, the kind that has you writing love letters. She also sings about wanting to know what her partner is thinking about, where they are and how she doesn’t want it to end. She features Zimbabwean singer on this song that laces his verse is Shona and responds to Natasha.


Only is the third song on the Singing part of the EP. Only is a cute song that has Natasha singing about how she’s found love and that she’s never felt like this before. She also sings about how the other person is her, ONLY and that she never wants to leave. Natasha also laces a cute rap verse on the second verse.

Wild Flames

Wild flames, is the fourth song on the singing side of the EP, this song is an afro song that shows a couple fighting that can’t be saved. On this song Natasha sings about how she’s conflicted in a dying relationship, she sings about her and her partner being wild flames that can’t be saved but in as much as they argue and fight, the couple still love each other and want to hold on.


Ready is the last song on the Ep. this song is a very musical and sad heartfelt song. On this song Natasha sings about how she was unaware that the person she fell for was going to hurt her as much as they did. She sings and raps about how she wished this person did her better and how she was caught up in everything and didn’t expect the heartbreak. She ends the song with a heartfelt cry in Nyanja. That just closes the whole song and project.

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