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Bitch by Bakhita Visual Trends – Drummr

Bitch by Bakhita Visual Trends – Drummr


Bakhita is a multi-disciplinary Kenyan artist who vividly delves into descriptive sentences aimed at tugging all of your senses and scopes into perspective through a symphony of Urban Jazz, Afro Funk, and Neo-Soul. The Bitch by Bakhita Visual is a hit.

The music video is a collaboration by some of Kenya’s most idiosyncratic creatives with the direction handled by Kenyan video director & visual artist Guthua Charles, while set design, styling and creative direction are catered to by Bakhita.

“This song carries with it the juxtaposition between Light and Dark, the seen and unseen. It is a tune about the relationship people hold with their mental health. The way they present themselves vs the turmoil they experience internally.

It daringly celebrates the understanding of self that comes with wanting to die. This song is the heart of the concept behind the purge. The eating disorders and mental struggles that are worked through until they can be violently removed with love; for the self” Bakhita reveals of the immersively shot motion picture for her second single off the PURGE EP.

The music visual sees the eclectic Nairobi act tackle stigma around “Anxiety” in a colour-rich spectacle that converges set design, performance, art, fashion, drama, and raw vulnerability to the party for the viewer’s delight. 

Anxiety – Bakhita

Further photography was led by revered Kenyan portrait and artistic director – Shitanda, whilst make-up duties were done by Nibra’s Beauty. Set assistants included Kabi Kimari, Abuga Lou, and Noaa.

The Lemi-produced record is a stark commentary on the effects of mental illness and disorder, “Anxiety” that has become a common impediment among artists and society, tieing into Bakhita’s main themes of sexual abuse, inclusivity of LGBTQ, women empowerment, black art equity, self-awareness, confidence, and Afro-centric messages that cut across in everyday life.

Their tone is husky and bright as they dominate multiple key ranges. Through their vocals, piano, visual art, set and conceptual design, Bakhita creates Afro Surrealist universes that challenge biased and discriminatory systems that affect marginalized communities:

African women, LGBTQ+, sexual abuse victims, and mental health victims. Their art is heavily influenced by their introspective nature, concerned about understanding the self, behaviour and emotion; synonymously layered with reflective and insightful
undertones, interweaving and borrowing from the muse of nature in the Kenyan Climate.

Their message of light, rebirth and societal change enchants and inspires various consumers and creatives alike. Since 2016, Bakhita has been making visual art pieces, later delving into stage design and installations designing stages at Kilifi New Year and Ongala Music Festival.

Bakhita started professionally releasing music in 2018, releasing singles collaborating with diversely talented producers in Nairobi namely Lemi, m2thepower3, and Mr Lu, creative rapers like Nomad and the soulful singers Ku. Kim and Janice Iche.

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Bitch by Bakhita Visual Trends
Bitch by Bakhita Visual Trends

Their first EP, Color, was released in 2018 discussing the development and changing emotions in individuals on a path of self-discovery and love. Featuring production by LEMI, mastering by Humanoid and features from Nomad and Ku.Kim.
September 2020 brought Chamo Mile:

PYE is a story of the growth Bakhita has endured, the challenges they have faced along the way and a celebration of the faith they have mastered in themself for their
being and artistry to flourish. Chamo Mile: PYE was produced by LEMI and mixed and mastered by Declared Sound (UK).

A visual project featuring 3 songs from the EP, “Upstairs” “Dem Go Know” and “Will”
showcases Bakhita’s synthesized talents in music, set design, and creative direction.
Bakhita’s newest release is Conjunction: Bitch by Bakhita Visual

Anuarite is a writer and poet who continuously nurtures Bakhita’s clarity in conversation. The cover art is a painting by Bakhita entitled “Calypso is free”; it is a reclamation of knowing and an exploration of intuition & movement.

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