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Beekay attempts to change the game with “Light”

Beekay attempts to change the game with “Light”

Beekay’s life is a fascinating one. He is known for various reasons. First he originated the popular call-and-answer comical reassuring ‘I am beaauri’ affirmation. His single, Cruise Control also went viral on Tik Tok. Beekay however has learned to transcend phases into becoming an amazing songwriter & vocalist. He has released two singles, the recent of which is titled LIGHT.

Good evening Beekay, how’re you feeling tonight?

Beekay: I’m well, thank you.

Since “Cruise Control” went viral on TikTok and across other social media platforms, how has your musical career evolved so far?

Beekay: Thank you. It has evolved to levels I can’t even explain. My streams went up, my price and everything around my music moved to another level.

In “I Am Beauri”, which you later released as a single, you spoke about loving one’s self and advocated for self-care. How intentional was that? Or was it just pure cruise?

Beekay: I believe strongly in self care & confidence because that’s the base to achieving anything great in life, your mental health & faith in yourself. I wasn’t talking about outward beauty alone but being in control of your emotions.

What propelled to start the ‘Cruise Confession’ videos?

Beekay: It was to put smiles on people’s faces, and promote self confidence. “Corona season” took a lot from us so I really wanted to spread happiness and promote self care.

In 2020, you released a stellar project ‘7th Crush’ which housed heavyweight features from DanDizzy, Ric Hassani, The Cavemen, Praiz etc. What was the experience of collaborating with these top acts on one project like?

Beekay: Oh yea, it was a beautiful experience. Collaborating with people you have a good relationship with is the best thing. It was seamless. They all understood and killed it.

You recently released a new soulful & scintillating single titled “LIGHT”. Walk us through your creative writing and recording process?

Beekay: LIGHT was inspired by the journey and process of me and my friends. I have hard working people around me just waiting for the light to shine on them. It’s a song that says we’re in the process but we’re ready for the LIGHT. This story made it easy to write.

We’ve seen your recent concept video of past-to-present photo stories reflecting your growth and journey. Was that the visualization of the message you were aiming to pass with this song “LIGHT”?

Beekay: Oh yes! That’s one of the message I intend to pass. As creatives or as a people we should learn to accept and celebrate the process. Don’t be ashamed, when the light comes it will be a good story to tell.

As it is our culture on every episode, tell us three things nobody knows about you?

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Beekay: I cook beans so well, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t play games (football)

You have gone from existing in more of an underrated space to being celebrated more widely. Does that present a new challenge for your music?

Beekay: The only challenge is to be better. Growth is a must. The sound and style is the same. The music will find its way.

A lot of people think your music is similar to Ric Hassani’s and Johnny Drille’s. In your opinion, what do you believe makes you stand out as an artiste? Also, what type of music are you making?

Beekay: Ric & Johnny are very talented and beautiful artistes. I believe I’m different, my kind of soul sound was lost in the war. I’m the only one left. I do Beekay soul.

Final question before we let you go, what should we expect from you in the coming future?

Beekay: Thank you. I’m putting out videos this year. LIGHT & sikedi. My ep comes in January and my album also in 2022.

Thank you for joining us tonight on #MaxChat, Beekay. We wish you the best in your musical endeavors.

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