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‘Baegist’ Tops Apple’s List of Relationship Podcasts in Nigeria

‘Baegist’ Tops Apple’s List of Relationship Podcasts in Nigeria

It might be a usual and even almost cliche thing to find podcasts, TV shows, articles and radio segments that expressively talk about sex and relationship lifestyle amongst millennials, but with the generation z, it’s different. Largely due to moral and cultural reasons, talking about relationships and sex between gen z people is almost considered as close to being a taboo; a topic only the rebellious and “wayward” should have views on.

Yet, culture journalist and music PR executive Itty Okim, alongside communications expert Tosin Omolale have partnered with the people at VerseFive – a company with bias for fashion and new media in Lagos – to wear these unwritten wayward and rebellious tags which seem to be perfect fit on them by hosting their podcast, Baegist. And its success so far has been resplendent, having been number one on Apple Podcasts and Spotify charts of relationship podcasts in Nigeria even only barely two months since its inception.

Baegist is a biweekly relationship podcast which has gen z people as its focus with its first episode released on the 26th of January, 2022. On it, Tosin and Itty pour light into the grey area of gen z relationships by answering popular questions on the issue and having necessary conversations around it.

When asked the essence of the podcast, Tosin said:

We are basically just being ourselves. Itty and I always had friends come around to ask us for our two cents concerning their relationships and even though we weren’t in relationships ourselves, we always had something meaningful to say to them. Now we are topping charts across platforms and pretty much doing the same thing we used to do – helping friends out.”

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VerseFive on the other hand has taken to their social media to announce their need for
sponsors and partnering brands in order to further push the podcast to larger audiences. In all, it is how they present very important societal issues popular amongst the gen z in very fun, yet enlightening ways that makes this show stand out amongst the others.

See some Baegist episodes.

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