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Baegist Podcast announces 2nd season, hints at having celebrity guests

Baegist Podcast announces 2nd season, hints at having celebrity guests

Popular gen Z relationship podcast, Baegist has taken to their social media accounts to announce the release date for the second season of the internet show.

Produced by VerseFive, hosted by Oluwatosin Omolale and Itty Okim, and known for its cutting-edge delivery quality, Baegist podcast – in the words of Itty – is “about to take an incredible upscale that will shock the Nigerian podcasting scene in a way that it never has in the past.”

The first episode of the second season is set to roll out on Friday, the 22nd of July with an undisclosed celebrity guest appearance. Unlike the first season, this second season will have guests on the show to contribute their thoughts on topics that will be discussed alongside the hosts.

The unscripted podcast show which has been decorated as the most streamed relationship podcast in Nigeria countless times on Apple podcasts gathered a lot of love on the internet in the first season which was concluded in June 2022.

With the generation z as their primary audience, the podcast is aimed at “pouring light into the grey area of issues surrounding gen z relationships” and dissecting the parts of them that many do not want to talk about, covering love, sex, gender roles and romance.

VerseFive also announced their openness to sponsorship and partnership deals with brands in order to further push the podcast to larger audiences.

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