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Tomorrow, the joint project between Psycho YP and Azanti would be released, and the world can get a chance to understand, vibe, and probably sing along to the Apex Village’s latest signatory; but before then, let’s get to know Azanti through his own thought process as we cross our fingers in high expectations of YP and Azanti Volume One.

This is an interview between Drummr’s Alan Tee and Azanti:

I’d like to know about Azanti, your background, your career path so far and what inspired you to begin to make Music?

My name is Nathan. I’m 17. (I’ve) basically lived my whole life in Naij. Spent most of my time in Abuja though, but I’ve had a few stints in Lagos. I’m a musician (and a student) basically. I’ve always loved music since I was young and I always knew I wanted to do something with music. At first, I thought it was producing but then as I grew older, I began to sing more and more and then one thing led to another and I became a recording artiste. 

Tell me about Focused ft Psycho Yp

Focused is a song I made last year before I dipped to Angola. Like just the day before my flight. I just recorded it and sat on it for a bit then when YP hit me up, I sent him the jam and loved it. Two seconds later, I see his verse in my email.

Hahaha! YP has a reputation of quick delivery. About your forthcoming EP with him, what should we look forward to?

Madness. YP and I have made so many songs together, these aren’t even our favorites!! But regardless, the EP is fire. Crazy tunes on there. I have a few production credits on there as well so that’s something you could look forward to.

That sounds interesting, and honestly we can’t wait. So far in your journey, what’s the most memorable experience you’ve had being an artist?

I would say the recognition and appreciation of my craft by a few ‘giants’ in the industry. For a young kid like me, those things mean the world and I’m always going to be grateful to them.

Oh, that’s good to know. There are new artistes popping up every day, but there seem to be something special about you – how would you describe your music and what makes your ‘sound’ unique?

My music is just vibes to be honest. Like, it’s just me pouring out my heart to a girl (usually). The melodies and harmonies are very standout factors to what makes my music unique. You can’t find an ‘Azanti type song’ without harmonies. It’s just a part of me and I’m constantly learning and trying to improve daily.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Making the music. That’s the only reason I’m doing it. I enjoy it. And when I don’t enjoy it anymore, God forbid, you won’t hear from me.

That sounds original. Why did you choose this moment to release your forthcoming EP?

Omo, I don’t know to be fair. We’ve been longing this thing for a while now. It was supposed to have dropped in August but we were far behind schedule, so we just decided to take our time and not rush it.

Is the track sequencing on the Ep significant?

Yeah. I can’t really tell you in detail now how important it is, but it is. You’re going to have to listen to understand.

The EP drops tomorrow, and we can already feel the buzz from your camp; but have you thought of your plans after the EP drops?

I’m off to Canada for school. So school basically but we have a few drops lined up though.

Okay sounds like a plan. Let’s go a bit back to the past; tell me about Missing in Action, what it was like working with Ena

MIA. Hmm, it’s a pretty good song. Always thankful to Ena for tracing the track. She literally sent her verse back in a day or two. Again, I made the song last year November, sent it to Ena in February. It was a blast!

You’ve obviously been featured on several tracks, what has it helped you achieve?

I always say I prefer doing verses than full tracks. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because i see it as a challenge. I see a feature as: ‘you have 30 seconds to make a significant impact on a 3 minute track’. Yeah. It basically just teaches to maximize my opportunity and time.

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You sound like you love the opportunities of features – now let’s flip the table; is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

Yes definitely. I’d love to work with Wande Coal, Wizkid, Bryson Tiller, Burna, and quite a few more.

In your opinion what’s in it for you, what do you aim to achieve in the long term long run?

Greatness, Success, I’m trying to be a legend. Not here to be a flash in the pan.

This sounds thoughtful. Let’s do something for fun – you know how everyone has a funny story of how they got their nicknames? Tell us how you came up with Azanti…

It’s a long story – so me and like two of my guys were just chilling trying to think of a name for me. As we’re brainstorming for names, my guy from Burundi says Ashanti and starts singing a song by her and I’m like ‘that’s a hard name’. Then he’s like ‘how about Azante?’ Then he says it means ‘Thank You’ in Swahili. So I just swapped out the ‘e’ for an ‘I’ because I thought it sounded cooler and everyone has been calling me ‘Azanti’ since.

Hahaha so if you didn’t swap the E we would be calling you Azante right now. So far, what are you most proud of?

I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. I’m always out here trying to improve and get better you get. That’s what keeps me going.

How do you balance making music with other things like schooling as you aforementioned?

STRESS. It’s not easy can’t lie. But every which way, there will always be a way.

Azanti and YP volume 1 would be released tomorrow, but you can stream two pre-released songs off the project here.

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