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Shalom Dubas Kicks Off 2023 With ‘Run Me Love’, A Love Proclaiming Single.

Shalom Dubas Kicks Off 2023 With ‘Run Me Love’, A Love Proclaiming Single.

Born in Washington State and raised across the United States and Lagos, Nigeria, Shalom Dubas is a self-described “hybrid” of both places. Following a key personal journey from one homeland to the other, and the releases of “Don’t Leave” and “Gold.” in 2022, “Run Me Love” is the third single preceding her highly anticipated debut project.

From its opening bounce the song differentiates itself from everything in Shalom Dubas’ discography and everything that’s coming out in today’s music scene. To familiar ears, it’s evident that this is a sound that has been steeped in the one-of-a-kind experience of Shalom’s return and stay in Nigeria.

Shalom Dubas
Shalom Dubas

After living primarily in the States for 12 years, Shalom returned to Lagos, Nigeria, in the Summer of 2021 as a young adult intending to reconnect with the roots she’d left as a teenager, and the new ones that she’d formed virtually during the pandemic. The homecoming was not welcoming in the way that she expected, but it welcomed in a new level of understanding and personal awareness.

“Run Me Love” is a proclamation that Shalom is no longer ashamed to require love or afraid to receive it by key means necessary – especially the means of self reflection, self assessment, conversations with God, learning patience, and then giving love to herself from within. Or as she’d put it, “in the G-est ways possible”.

Produced by Shalom Dubas and upcoming Nigerian Afro-Fusion producer Janas XS, “Run Me Love” is an Afro-Soul & Rap track that vulnerably recounts a story of friends turning to strangers, unfortunately remaining that way, and then becoming wiser for the loss.

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Produced in Lagos, Nigeria sometime between Summer and the Harmattan season, “Run Me Love” is the coldest lost-love song ever made, from both sides of the Atlantic.

Listen to Shalom Dubas’ “Run Me Love” Here

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