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Alternative Rap’s new prodigy, Asriel celebrates inevitable success with “Jordan Year (At this Rate)”

Alternative Rap’s new prodigy, Asriel celebrates inevitable success with “Jordan Year (At this Rate)”

The brazilian-funk-infused pop-rap banger is a celebration of a clear future entailing rap-star level success alongside lyrical dribbling that supports his huge potential.

“Jordan Year is more of an affirmation than a brag. I’m a firm believer that if I work hard and consistently towards something I will achieve it. And I believe the same thing for you.” Asriel shares on the release.

Unless you’ve caught him shutting down random open mics as last performer, you haven’t heard or seen Asriel this confident in himself ever. However, his rap bravado isn’t off-putting at all. It’s invigorating. His vocals glaze over the self-produced modern rap beat layered with balle-funk vocal chops, anime references and dynamic flows. This single is a triumphant return from his hiatus, placing him further in the same vein of the exceptional acts in the alternative rap scene such as Amine, IDK, Blanco & Tobi Lou . 

With a speedy improvement every release, Asriel and his believers keep getting harder to ignore. And “at this rate”, the Alternative Rap scene will have to turn its head to the young generation’s newest ace, who’s arguably half as violent but twice as audacious.

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Jordan Year was produced by Asriel and Mixed & Mastered by Grammy Nominated Clinton McCreery (@clintonmixedthis). The music video was shot in Royal Oak, West London by Nathaniel Whittinham [videographer] (@nafanyol) and Shakim Salim [creative director] (@shaks.mxr)


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Asriel is a 23 year old alternative rapper/producer from Maida Vale, London. From self-teaching himself production with a DIY setup in 2015, Asriel has matured into a sharp-tongued, witty lyricist with a peculiar appetite for slightly unconventional rap beats and arrangements. 

His freestyle entries and production have earned him recognition from the likes of ENNY, Kojey Radical, Backroad Gee, & Nadia Rose and his self-releases have received airplay from Reprezent Radio, Pulse 88, Kane FM &K2K Radio. Citing inspirations from American & UK hiphop, anime, video games and his west African upbringing, Asriel infuses his own individuality alongside uncommon genres to create music for his people; the unpopular losers who used to Naruto-run in high school. 

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