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A Quick Stop at Pleasure Avenue, Pele Play’s Emotionally Charged Playground

A Quick Stop at Pleasure Avenue, Pele Play’s Emotionally Charged Playground

Pele Play’s new EP, Pleasure Avenue begins at the Seaside . The artist provides a vivid picture of a moment of intimacy with someone who seems to be a significant other. This moment seems not to be lacking of ecstatic substances that have already dictated the mood of their physical romantic and sensual exchange. Pele Play’s plays on rhythm and words in order to get reassurances from she who he names Mona Lisa, fictionally. In it all encompassing thematic indulgences, Seaside exudes calmness and a longing for something extraordinarily separated from the usual relationship he already has with whoever it is whom this ode was directed at; she whom he calls to meet up with at the seaside.

Much more serious in tone, much more a recipe for trouble, Poison loops in to the ear buds, changing mood left behind by the Seaside. A much more expressive tune, Poison is basically vocals laid on a trap instrumental in which the artist places options before she whom he directs the tune. Interestingly, he also expresses flatly the only thing else on his mind asides love – money.

Stepping out of the flatness in mood into a more playful, more jovial demeanour, Pele Play opens up his playful spirit with how he renders his lyrics on Soweto Bop – lamba after lamba. Actually, Soweto Bop shouldn’t be listened to on paper (or screen). You should listen to feel what exactly it is that words refuse to express.

And back into the mellow bounce of Afroswing, Pele Play returns into talking big into his lover’s ears. Pele Play’s love for Julie has him not just reminiscing on how far he has come with her, it also lays a template for him to think of all the ways in which he wishes to reward her for her support towards his craft.

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Pleasure Avenue ends at Olympics where all things come together in retrospection – reminiscent lyrics on all the trouble through which the artist has gone in order to arrive at this point which he describes as a new season. Ultimately, the project is a quick stop at the places in Pele Play’s mind where he also had visited along the journey of putting the project together.

Listen to Pleasure Avenue here.

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