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6th Quan Strikes A Balance With “Peace Of Mind/Out Of Darkness”

6th Quan Strikes A Balance With “Peace Of Mind/Out Of Darkness”

Abuja based super talented artiste-songwriter, 6th Quan returns with 2-pack “Peace of Mind/Out of Darkness” that showcases his versatile artistry. 6th Quan is a musical sensation with a unique and fresh soulful and sonic art.

The 2-pack single consists of two tracks. The opening song, “Peace of Mind” sets a tranquil tone with its mellow melodies and inspirational lyrics, offering listeners a soothing journey towards self-reflection and. With its soulful composition, this track serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to find solace amidst life’s challenges.

On the flip side, “Out of Darkness” takes a bold leap into the realm of drill-fused rap, delivering a high-energy narrative that delves into the grittier aspects of life. With its dynamic beats and sharp lyricism, this track paints a vivid picture of resilience and triumph, as 6th Quan navigates through the shadows to emerge victorious.

“Peace of Mind/Out of Darkness” form a balanced scale of music, showcasing 6th Quan’s prowess as both a masterful storyteller and a sonic innovator. Whether seeking solace or adrenaline-fueled empowerment, listeners are bound to find resonance within the diverse soundscape of “Peace of Mind/Out of Darkness.”

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